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Everything you wanted to know about the entertainment capital of the world

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world for adults. There is no place like it! no city has not reached the level of architecture, entertainment, gambling, colorful, crazy, attractions, shows like Las Vegas offers. The one and only!

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Hotels in Las Vegas at a price of forty dollars per night can be found throughout the Las Vegas Strip. These hotels are usually characterized children's noise level is not very high service and maintenance, not amazing, but it allows large families to spend in Las Vegas without tearing the pocket.

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This guide were written by Jenni Denworth, 23 from Lead in Britain who spend the last 4 years experiencing Las Vegas, and Andrew waters, a 28 years old student from oakville, Ontario Canada who worked as a clerk in the hummington Casino

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What People Say

Las Vegas is the ultimate location for vacation, have the best entertainment, bars and amusements... the ultimate city